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What is Float and Slack? How to calculate?

We have already discussed some of the important topics that are the basis for this article on Float. Before moving further make sure you already know about Network Diagrams and …

What is Critical Path? How to find it?

Develop Schedule Process


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project management basics

Introduction to Project Management | PM101 Training Session

This 1.5 hour long session will help you get your feet wet when it comes to Project Management. In addition to the basics, we also take a step further in …

7 weeks step by step PMP Preparation Plan

Functional and Non-functional Requirements

PMP Tips, Info and FAQs

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Project Management Basics

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Cost Management

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Risk Management

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risk management - Risk Management 101

Risk Management 101

Stakeholder Management

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tips for stakeholder management - Tips for Stakeholder Commitment

Tips for Stakeholder Commitment

PMP Practice Questions

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Scope Management – Practice Questions

integration management practice questions - Integration Management - Practice Questions

Integration Management – Practice Questions

pmp introduction and fundamentals practice questions - PMP Introduction and Fundamentals - Practice Questions