Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF)

enterprise environmental factors eef - Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF)

One of the two most frequent inputs all the processes have is Enterprise Environmental Factors. EEF can be loosely defined as anything that you should know about the way your organization does business.

Why should you know this, you may ask. Well, this information will actually be very handy when planning the project. For instance, wouldn’t it be useful to know how different departments of the organization operate? Or the company’s overall strategy while you are planning your project?

EEF also includes company policies that you need to adhere to during the course of the project. It also includes the company’s culture and everything that you should know about the people of your organization in general.

Work Authorization System is a common EEF that determines how the company assigns work to the people. It also ensures that tasks are done in the correct order and up to the mark. Project Management Information System (PMIS) also falls under the category of EEF.

It should be noted that EEF is not a document. As the name goes, these are basically the factors that define the enterprise’s environment.

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