Communications Management – Practice Questions

communications management Practice Questions - Communications Management – Practice Questions

Q1: The Project Manager of a complex IT project is having a one-on-one discussion with a new engineer. The PM explains one of the algorithms that is being developed and asks the Engineer if he would be able to document the functioning of the algorithm and send it to the stakeholders? The Engineer agrees and shares the document. However after going over the document, the PM realizes that the Engineer didn’t really understand the algorithm. Who is at fault for the loss of time and effort?
A. Functional Manager, he shouldn’t have assigned a new engineer on this complex project
B. Project Manager, he should’ve helped create and review the document with the engineer
C. Engineer, he should’ve immediately asked his doubts on the understanding of the algorithm
D. Project Manager, it is his responsibility that the message is clearly understood and get a confirmation from the engineer

Q2: You are managing an Infrastructure project. You have an issue with a team member’s performance. How will you communicate this issue with the team member?
A. Formal Verbal
B. Informal Verbal
C. Formal Written
D. Informal Written

Q3: Your project involves vendors. One of the vendors is requesting confidential information about your project without which they won’t be able to make progress. The vendor would like to know who has the authority to release that confidential information. Which project document should he refer to?
A. Project Charter
B. Scope Management Plan
C. Communications Management Plan
D. Stakeholder Management Plan

Q4: Which of the following is the biggest concern of the virtual team?
A. Different time zones
B. Noise
C. Cultural differences
D. Communications Management

Q5: You are managing a project with 25 team members and one team lead at 3 different locations each. You also have 3 members supporting as part-time project staff. How many communication channels are possible in your project?
A. 496
B. 992
C. 424
D. 32

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Q1: D. Project Manager, it is his responsibility that the message is clearly understood and get a confirmation from the engineer
Q2: B. Informal Verbal
Q3: C. Communications Management Plan
Q4: B. Noise
Q5: A. 496

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