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While our website offers top-notch PMP training materials for free through articles and videos, our courses listed here provide a more comprehensive learning experience tailored to the specific needs and requirements of PMP aspirants, as well as individuals aiming to enhance their project management knowledge for career advancement, job transitions, or entry into the project management roles.

Unlike our free resources, these courses feature more extensive content, ensuring a cohesive learning journey. You won’t find yourself jumping between videos or articles. Instead, our courses offer structured guidance, with high-quality, in-depth videos designed to lead you step-by-step towards achieving your career and professional goals.

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pm 101 - Courses
Project Management 101 Training
Free | Duration: 1.5 hours
pm101 pdf - Courses
Training Slides in PDF format
Price: $15 | No. of Slides: 53
project mgmt for non project mgrs - Courses
Project Management for Non-Project Managers Training
Free | Duration: 3 hours
pm for non pm pdf - Courses
Training Slides in PDF format
Price: $25 | No. of Slides: 100
pm 101 pmbok 7 - Courses
PM 101 Training aligned to PMBOK 7
pm101 hindi inpage banner - Courses
Hindi – PM101 Training aligned to PMBOK 7
Coming Soon
pmclounge x udemy - Courses
PMC Lounge x Udemy
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pmclounge x skillshare - Courses
PMC Lounge x SkillShare
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