Project Management for Non-Project Managers

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Who is this Program For?

After the resounding success of our acclaimed PM101 training program, we were inundated with requests for a specialized program tailored to individuals outside the Project Management realm. While our PM101 course is exceptional, it’s geared towards those already familiar with Project Management fundamentals.

To address the needs of complete novices in Project Management, we proudly introduce the Project Management for Non-Project Managers program. This meticulously crafted program spans six engaging sessions, each structured to cover essential topics. It is specifically designed for individuals who,

  1. Have NOT studied Project Management
  2. Do NOT have Project Management experience or very little of it
  3. Are NOT PMP aspirants or do NOT know what PMP is
  4. Are NOT aware of the terminology used in the IT Industry
  5. Want to spare some time to learn Project Management and get their foot in the door

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What’s Next?

Now that you’ve delved into the World of Project Management, it’s time to put your knowledge into action. Take the next step in your journey by immersing yourself in our PM101 training program.

We extend our best wishes for your continued success in mastering Project Management. And remember, for more insightful content and valuable resources, don’t forget to subscribe to the PMC Lounge YouTube channel at

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