Project Management for Non-Project Managers

pmclounge header project management for non project managers - Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Who is this Program For?

After our highly appreciated and successful PM101 training program, we received several requests to create a program designed specifically for those that do not belong to the Project Management industry. As good as PM101 program is, it is for those that already have basic understanding of Project Management.

So to cater to those that are totally novice when it comes to Project Management, we created the Project Management for Non-Project Managers program. It is divided into 6 sessions with each session covering a chapter and is specifically designed for those who,

  1. Have NOT studied Project Management
  2. Do NOT have Project Management experience or very little of it
  3. Are NOT PMP aspirants or do NOT know what PMP is
  4. Are NOT aware of the terminology used in the IT Industry
  5. Want to spare some time to learn Project Management and get their foot in the door

Training Videos

What’s Next?

Now that you know about Project Management, the next logical step would be to practice it. If you want to understand Project Management further, head over to the PM101 training program.

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