Hi, my name is Shoaib Qureshi (LinkedIn). I am passionate about Project Management and have been leading projects since 2011. I earned my PMP certification in 2016.

One of the biggest issues I faced in my PMP preparation journey was the lack of free resources on the internet.

Yes, there were these discussion boards and forums (some of them exist even today) where you go in, make posts, read threads, ask a question and engage with other members. But as you can imagine, this approach is time consuming and unreliable. You either read posts after posts or make one and pray somebody responds soon. Also, you never know who is replying to you and what their qualifications are, let alone if they understood your query to begin with!

I wanted to change this.

This is where and the corresponding YouTube channel happened.

Looking to understand a topic? Have a question? Want to revise the project management concepts? You are just a quick search away. And all of it is totally free. Over the years, PMC Lounge has helped thousands of aspirants pass their PMP, CAPM, ACP, CSM and other project management certification exams.

All this content that I have created has also helped me get discovered as an expert in the Project Management industry. I am often contacted for different kinds of engagement like,

  • Project Management seminars, webinars and other speaking gigs
  • PMP Training Bootcamps
  • Project Management consultation services
  • Advertising on website
  • Advertising/sponsoring videos on PMC Lounge YouTube channel
  • Sponsored posts on PMC Lounge social media handles

Some of the organizations I have directly worked with –

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