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Are you an expert at your job?

Here’s a different question – Do you consider yourself an expert in your industry, a true master of your craft?

While mastery takes time and dedication, achieving industry expertise requires an extra edge. That’s where professional certifications come into play. They’re not just badges; they’re the keys to unlocking unparalleled opportunities and taking your career to soaring heights.

Enter PMI’s renowned Project Management Professional (PMP) certification – a game-changer in the realm of professional development. It’s more than a credential; it’s a pathway to excellence. PMP isn’t just about adding a title to your resume; it’s about honing your project management skills to perfection. Whether you’re in IT, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, or infrastructure, PMP opens doors across diverse sectors, propelling you towards success.

Studies and surveys by PMI speak volumes – PMP holders consistently stand out, commanding top-tier salaries and coveted job prospects.

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What is

First of all, PMC in PMC Lounge stands for Project Management Certifications.

What sets PMC Lounge apart is its fusion of real-world project management expertise with top-notch, easy-to-understand PMP preparation materials. If you’re fed up with subpar PMP resources – whether it’s self-proclaimed gurus advising you to skip essential texts like PMBOK, authors lacking genuine real World project management experience posing as PMP trainers, or mentors pushing additional certification prep programs regardless of your PMP journey – it’s time for a change!

So, if you are ready to supercharge your Project Management journey, look no further! PMC Lounge is the #1 destination for all things PMP and Project Management.

At PMC Lounge, our aim is to simplify project management.

On this website you can,

  • Explore Project Management concepts demystified like never before.
  • Get clear, concise answers to your burning questions about PMP and other certifications.
  • Stay in the know with expert insights on Project Management.
  • Keep up with global Project Management trends.
  • Master PMP with our step-by-step tutorials that guide you to success.

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So what is PMP again? Tell me more…

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a Certification provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI) based in Pennsylvania, USA.

Here’s what PMI says about PMP,

PMI created PMP Certification to recognize project managers who have proven they have the skills to successfully manage projects. Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification represents an elite group of project managers. It proves project leadership experience and expertise in any way of working.

PMP certification validates that you are highly skilled in:

  • People: Recognizing you have the skills to effectively lead and motivate a project team throughout a project.
  • Process: Using predictive, agile and hybrid approaches to determine which way of working is best for each project.
  • Business Environment: Highlighting the success of a project and its impact on overall strategic organizational goals.

Am I eligible for PMP?

You are eligible if you meet either of the two set of requirements mentioned below,

  • Four-Year College / University Degree
  • 36 months of experience leading projects within the past eight years
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® certification

– OR –

  • High School or Secondary School Diploma
  • 60 months of experience leading projects within the past eight years
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM® certification

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What’s on the PMP exam?

Here’s what to expect in the PMP exam,

  • 180 questions
  • 230 minutes (3 hours 50 minutes) to complete
  • Two 10-minute breaks
  • A combination of multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, hotspot and fill-in-the-blank questions
  • Expect questions from the following areas,
    • People: 42% of questions on the exam
    • Process: 50% of questions on the exam
    • Business: 8% of questions on the exam

How much should I score to pass the PMP exam?

This is one of those questions that do not have a straight answer. PMI does not disclose how much you need to score or how many questions (out of 180) you need to correctly answer to pass the exam. However, seasoned professionals converge on a consensus: maintaining a consistent score above 75% across practice assessments indicates readiness to confidently surmount the PMP exam.

Here’s what the PMP handbook says about the passing score,

The passing score for all PMI exams is determined by sound psychometric analysis. PMI uses subject matter experts – project professionals from around the world and many different disciplines – to determine how many questions you must answer correctly to pass the exam. The PMI exams covered in this handbook are considered “criteria-based exams.” That means that the exams determine who should pass or fail by whether they met the criteria for a qualified person in the job role being tested, for example an experienced project manager for the PMP and an agile practitioner for the ACP. That criteria becomes the standard we expect and uphold in scoring. The PMI exams covered in this handbook include scored and unscored items. Certification candidates are evaluated on the scored items. Each item (question) answered on a test is a sample of a candidate’s proficiency (in the criteria being assessed). We gather information from each question to make a determination of their overall proficiency and compare that proficiency to the standard.

PMP Handbook

What is the cost of PMP?

There are two components that you should consider while calculating the cost of PMP,

1. PMP Exam Cost – The PMP exam fee is $555 for non-PMI members and $405 for PMI members

(By the way the PMI annual membership costs US $129. So if you take up the membership and then pay the fee i.e. 405+129 = 534, you save $21)

2. PMP Preparation Cost – If you do not have the CAPM certification, you need to take up the 35 hours of project management education by attending a PMP bootcamp online or offline. The cost for this bootcamp could range from $100 to $2000

As a PMI member, you can download all PMI books in PDF format for free but if you want to buy physical copies, you should account for additional cost because these books are not cheap! Additionally, if you want to buy a reference book or any other book with practice questions or some other preparation material like flash cards, you should account for that too

Finally, there are paid mock exams out there that can help you prepare for the actual PMP exam which is another cost component to consider

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How do I begin studying for Project Management?

Glad you asked! We have put together a 1.5 hours training session just for that purpose. Check it out below,

Are there other Project Management Certifications out there?

Of course! PRINCE2, Certified Scrum Master (CSM), CompTIA Project+ certification, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), Professional in Project Management (PPM) to name a few. Check out the Certifications section for more.

PMP happens to be just one of them but it is widely recognized, accepted and followed. Thus, the Gold Standard!

Wait, I have more questions!

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