Agile 101 | Your first Agile Training | Agile for Beginners

agile 101 your first agile training - Agile 101 | Your first Agile Training | Agile for Beginners

Agile is,

1. Set of methods and methodologies

The set of methods and methodologies address all of the areas of traditional software engineering like project management, software design, architecture as well as process improvement. Each of these methods and methodologies contains streamlined and easy to adopt practices

2. Approach

Agile is an approach to collaborative problem-solving for exploratory work informed by “a mindset of values and principles as set forth in the Agile manifesto.”

3. Mindset

Agile mindset informs perfornal behavior, ways of thinking and actions aligned with the agile manifesto values and principles. Basically, to ensure the team has the right mindset each agile methodology comes with a set of values that can guide the team members

The agile umbrella consists of several methods and methodologies like Scrum, SAFe, Lean / Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP) and several others like Large-scale Scrum (LeSS), Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), Nexus, Dynamic Software Development Method (DSDM), Feature Driven Development (FDD), Crystal etc. All of them come together because of the shared values and principles.

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