Definition of Done

definition of done in agile and scrum - Definition of Done

Focus is one of the five values of Scrum. The team is expected to work on one backlog item at a time until it is done but how do you know when you are ‘done’?

There could be a difference of opinion as to when you think a backlog item is done vs. someone else on the scrum team. This is why scrum teams have a Definition of “Done”.

Every item or feature in the backlog can have a different Definition of Done. Each time an item enters the sprint backlog, the scrum team members need to understand and agree on the definition of Done so that there is no ambiguity.

Also, since each item in the backlog has a definition of Done, the entire increment has a definition of Done.

The scrum team is committed to delivering an increment that satisfies the definition of Done at increment level at the end of the Sprint.

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