Final 10 Tips for your PMP Exam Day!

Final 10 Tips before your PMP Exam Day - Final 10 Tips for your PMP Exam Day!

In this video, we go over the Final 10 Tips that you should be aware of prior to your PMP exam. The 10 tips discussed in the video are,

  1. Do not rote memorize
  2. Have a good night’s sleep
  3. Validate your ID card
  4. Carry something to munch on
  5. Carry a jacket
  6. Avoid jewelry and gadgets
  7. Reach early
  8. Watch PMC Lounge playlists or read important notes
  9. Take the exam tutorial
  10. Divide the exam in 3 blocks of 70 minutes each

Check out the short video to understand each of these points in more details


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