Fishbone Diagram and Dot Voting

generate insights - Fishbone Diagram and Dot Voting

‘Generate Insights’ is the third step that you take in Retrospectives. The two tools that can help with you generating insights are Fishbone Diagram and Dot Voting.

Fishbone Diagram

fishbone diagram 1024x867 - Fishbone Diagram and Dot Voting

There are a few other names of the Fishbone Diagram,

  • Cause and Effect Diagram
  • Ishikawa Diagram
  • Herringbone Diagram

Fishbone is used to figure out what caused a defect by listing all categories of defects that you’ve identified and then writing down the possible causes of the defect you are analyzing from each category. It also helps you see all the possible causes in one place so that you can figure out how to prevent a defect in the future

Dot Voting

dot voting 1024x455 - Fishbone Diagram and Dot Voting

This is also known as Prioritize with Dots. Essentially, each team member is given 10 dots to stick on the issues that they want the team to address first. The issue with most dots gets picked up by the team.

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