Is the Brain Dump dead?

is the pmp brain dump dead - Is the Brain Dump dead?

We have earlier covered the Brain Dump, but as is being reported all over the internet, it seems something with respect to the aspirants using the Brain Dump has changed. Let’s understand what has changed, 

What is the Lowdown?

As is being reported from now onwards the aspirants will not be allowed to take any notes during the first 15 minutes because the first 15 minutes always belonged to the online tutorial about the exam. Aspirants can use their rough sheets only after the exam has officially started i.e. after the clock for 4 hours has started ticking!

Are brain dumps not allowed?

False! Brain Dumps are definitely allowed. It is just that aspirants are not allowed to write it down during the first 15 minute online tutorial. As soon as the exam begins you may jot down the brain dump in the rough sheet

How does this matter?

So if you can anyways jot down the brain dump, how does all this even matter? First up, jotting down the brain dump will now eat some of your 4 hours exam time. Earlier the aspirants used to conveniently make use of the 15 minute tutorial time for this activity. So if you are struggling to complete the mock PMP exams in 4 hours this could be an issue and you may have to keep your dump precise

How can I pass the exam without my Brain Dump?

Brain Dump is definitely important but it doesn’t really have a huge make or break impact on the exam result. At best, the brain dump can help you answer 5-10 direct questions. Always remember, when it comes to passing the exam, nothing beats,

  • Your experience as the Project Manager
  • Your understanding of the PMP concepts and fundamentals
  • Your hours and hours of hard work and studies while preparing for the exam

So can I ignore the Brain Dump?

Ignoring the brain dump would be giving it less importance than it deserves. After all the brain dump has certain importance because,

  • Getting everything you have memorized on paper builds confidence
  • Its convenient to have a reference in physical form while answer related questions
  • Its resourceful!

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