Plan Procurement Management Process

plan procurement management - Plan Procurement Management Process

Just like the other knowledge areas, the first process in Procurement Management too is a planning process – Plan Procurement Management

procurement management process group knowledge area mapping plan procurement management process - Plan Procurement Management Process

This is the process where you figure out what all work you actually need to contract out to third party. Another important aspect of this process is creating a plan of how you are going to do it.

Procurement management in itself could be a bit difficult topic for those that have not done procurement on their projects. It is thus difficult to visualize an example of this process too. However, consider a simple office renovation project. Questions to look at,

  1. Would you do the job of interior designer, carpenter, electrician and painter all by yourself? And also buy all the specialized power tools they use?
  2. Would you hire a full-time interior designer, carpenter, electrician and painter and then fire them after the work is done in, let’s say, 1 month?
  3. Would you sign a contract specifically for this task with the interior designer, carpenter, electrician and painter so that they know their scope of work in advance?

Hopefully, your answer was 3.

Similarly, there are several tasks in your project that are suitable for option 3. Figuring out all such tasks is the main job of this process.

When it comes to the inputs, tools and techniques and outputs of this process, there are certain concepts that you should be aware of which will be covered in other articles.

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