Project Management for Non-Project Managers – Training Slides in PDF


100 slides covering 6 detailed chapters specifically designed for those who are NOT from the Project Management background

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Here are the topics covered in the Project Management for Non-Project Managers slides,

1. The Basics of Project Management
– Project
– Project Management
– Project Management Skills
– Project Lifecycle

2. Managing Time
– The Nature of Time
– Where did it go?
– Take Charge
– Prioritize
– Use a Resources
– Eliminate Distractions

3. Building a Team
– Identify Required Skills
– Pay attention to Personality Types
– Stages of Team Formation
– What should you as a PM do?
– Introducing the motivators (and demotivators)
– Delegate
– Resolve Conflict

4. Working with Project Stakeholders
– Understanding Stakeholders
– Why should stakeholders be on your side?
– List your stakeholders
– Prioritize
– Questions to ask
– Plan stakeholder communication

5. Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting
– The tools you would use
– Non-aggressive Timelines
– Assessing the cost
– Benefits Identification
– Estimates Revision

6. Managing Risks
– Plan like a pro
– Dealing with risks
– Change Management

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