Scope Creep

scope creep project management - Scope Creep

We have earlier discussed scope creep briefly in the Scope Management basics. To quickly recap on that, Scope Creep is basically uncontrolled changes that lead to extra work for the Project Team.

Uncontrolled signifies that changes were accepted in the project without proper change management being implemented and thus the subsequent impact on cost, schedule, quality, resources wasn’t assessed.

Typically on real life projects, there could be a situation when the Project Manager believes that (s)he understands the impact of a change and accepts it without proper change management process. Next thing you know, the accepted change leads to another change followed by another and another and another! This is a classic example of Scope Creep.

At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of the Project Manager to avoid Scope Creep by ensuring every single change is planned and thorough change management process is implemented.

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