Team Charter

team charter - Team Charter

Team Charter is an output of the Plan Resource Management process

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Team Charter is a document that establishes expectations regarding acceptable behavior by project team members. It also establishes team values, agreements and operating guidelines for the team. Having the project team members commit to clear guidelines decreases misunderstandings and increases productivity.

The contents of the team charter include,

  • Team values
  • Communication guidelines
  • Decision-making criteria and processes
  • Conflict resolution process
  • Meeting guidelines
  • Team agreements

So as a Project Manager do you create the team charter and have the team follow it? Not really.

The team charter works best when the team develops it or atleast has an opportunity to contribute to it. By distributing the responsibility of creating the document, you also distribute the responsibility of ensuring that it is followed.

Note that the team charter is referred to periodically. It is also used to orient and integrate new team members.

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