The Top 5 PMP Exam Tips and Tricks – How to select the right answer always!

pmp exam tips

PMP is not an easy exam! No two ways about it. But through the course of our journey, we have prepared a list of the Top 5 PMP Exam Tips and Tricks that are going to help you answer the questions correctly. Let’s get into it,

  1. Some questions in the exam will be too wordy and contain ‘rubbish’ information. This information will be totally irrelevant and will not relate to the correct answer. Remember it isn’t necessary to use all the information provided to answer the question. It is a good practice to read the last line of a wordy question first (How to answer PMP questions with too many words, YouTube video)
  2. Remember, there is only one correct answer. If all answers look correct, you need to select the most appropriate one. There maybe choices that are true statements but not relevant to the question. Reading all the options will ensure you select the best of the lot
  3. PMI perspective takes precedence over your own perspective! Experienced Project Managers have a hard time unlearning their vast real-life experience and answering the questions through PMI perspective. PMI presents an ideal environment for Project Managers that might be different from your own experience
  4. Beware of generalizations, characterized by words like – always, never, must or completely as these are often the incorrect choices. Seek special cases, characterized by words like – often, sometimes, may, generally and perhaps as these choices tend to be correct
  5. The correct answer may not be grammatically correct!

Those were our 5 tips and tricks. How about you? Don’t forget to share your tips about answering the PMP questions.

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