Top 5 things to know about PMP application audit

pmp application audit - Top 5 things to know about PMP application audit

There is a fair amount of queries all PMP aspirants have regarding the auditing process of their PMP application. Its true that every application is subject to an audit but only a percentage of them are randomly selected.

If your application is selected, you will receive an email regarding the same detailing what all documents you need to send to PMI. Do note that this is after you have paid the credential fee. Also, if you fail to meet the audit requirements, you will receive a refund as per the refund policies of PMI outlined in the handbook (

Let’s cut to chase and list the top 5 things you should know about the audit,

1. The submission of the PMP application indicates your agreement to comply with the terms of the audit process

2. If you are able to provide the necessary documentation to meet the terms and requirements of the audit process, the audit should take about 5 to 7 business days to complete

3. You can send your completed audit forms by regular postal mail or express courier service and all materials should be sent at one time, in one envelope. Sending audit documents separately can cause delay in the audit review

4. You may not continue with the credential process until you have complied with the audit requirements. The one-year examination eligibility period starts after you successfully complete the audit

5. Although application selection for audits are random, PMI reserves the right to select any candidate to be audited at any time, including after the credential has been bestowed. If you fail to meet the audit requirements after attaining the credential, you are not entitled to a refund

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