Top 7 Tips to Manage Pressure on Projects

top 7 tips to manage pressure - Top 7 Tips to Manage Pressure on Projects

In this live session, we discuss the critical topic of managing stress or pressure as a Project Manager. The most common reason for stress is often either a high workload or external pressures. Below are the high level 7 tips to manage pressure on projects, however, do go over the session to understand the intricate nuances that each of these tips bring along,

  1. Ease the situation
  2. Gain perspective by assessing the impact
  3. Keep the end goal in sight and chart your path
  4. Distinguish between urgent and important and prioritize
  5. Tackle issues directly
  6. Embrace transparency and effective communication
  7. Revisit project management fundamentals

The correct blend of these 7 tips would create the ideal approach for a Project Manager


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