Close Project or Phase Process

close project or phase 1 - Close Project or Phase Process

The last activity on the project is closing the project itself. You might wonder what needs to be done to close the project since the work is already done?

Close Project or Phase is the last process in the Integration Management Knowledge Area

close project or phase in pg ka - Close Project or Phase Process

While your work is already done and you might have delivered the product to the customer, it is imperative to obtain the formal signoff and that is exactly what we do in the Close Project Process. Do note that a similar formal signoff, not necessarily from the customer (probably from the key stakeholders), might be required when you close each Phase of the project and that is the reason why this process is known as Close Project or Phase Process.

Another important aspect of Close Project or Phase process is the documentation of the Lessons Learned. Lessons Learned are documented throughout the project and are finalized in this process by the Project Team. Releasing the project team is typically the last activity of this process.

Do note that all projects need to go through the “Close Project or Phase” Process even if the project is terminated/cancelled.

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