Develop Project Charter Process

develop project charter process - Develop Project Charter Process

We have previously covered Project Charter in several articles listed below,

All these articles will give you a solid understanding of the Project Charter. However, we haven’t covered the Develop Project Charter process per se. That is exactly what we would do in this article.

Develop Project Charter is the first process in the entire Process Groups-Knowledge Area or PG-KA mapping. PG-KA mapping is below,

develop project charter process in integration management knowledge area pg ka mapping 1024x182 - Develop Project Charter Process

As the name suggests, this process is where you create the Project Charter. Project Charter formally authorizes the existence of the Project and assigns a Project Manager. It is via the Project Charter that you, as a Project Manager, obtain the authority to make use of organizational resources for project activities.

Here’s the formal definition of Develop Project Charter process,

The process of developing a document that formally authorizes the existence of a project and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities.

Project Charter is the link between the project and the strategic objectives of the organization. The inputs, tools and techniques and outputs of this process are pretty generic and will be covered several times during the course of your PMP study,


Tools and Techniques


  • Project Charter
  • Assumption Log
    • While creating the project charter, you need to keep track of all the assumptions that you’re making. These assumptions help the team understand what was considered when the project was approved so documenting them is critical. This is where Assumptions Log come into the picture

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