Collect Requirements Process

collect requirements process - Collect Requirements Process

Collect Requirements is another process in the Planning Process Group corresponding to the Scope Management Knowledge Area.

collect requirements process - Collect Requirements Process

As the name suggests, collect requirements is the process of collecting the project requirements but it also deals with some decision making techniques and requirements collecting techniques (which we will discuss in a future article).

To start with, it is important to understand that collect requirements process is all about determining, documenting and managing stakeholder’s requirements to meet the project objectives. In order to meet the project objectives, you need to clearly define and understand what those objectives are.

As a Project Manager or someone who is responsible for collecting requirements, it is your responsibility to ensure the requirements are not just collected but also translated correctly throughout the project so that they are (in a software project) accurately documented, designed, coded, tested and deployed.

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  1. Hi Shoaib, nice video, do we have any video related to closing specifying the completed activities done and the order in which they get completed as there are many questions in the exam which ask the order in close what next ……

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