Control Quality Process

control quality process - Control Quality Process

In this article, we will look at an overview of the Control Quality process. This process falls in the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group under the Quality Management Knowledge Area. Below is the PG-KA mapping,

plan quality management process pg ka mapping 1 - Control Quality Process

As part of Quality management, a good assumption would be that the final product of the project is inspected for Quality. While that is true, it is not enough. All deliverables of the project must be inspected for Quality. The earlier you find a defect, the easier and cheaper it is to fix it. So when you are inspecting the deliverables and parts that make up the final product of the project, you are in the Control Quality process

Basically, you are measuring the quality of the deliverables to determine if they meet the requirements. This way you can assess performance and recommend necessary changes

If there are issues and a deliverable doesn’t meet the quality requirements, you can recommend a change. That way the change can go through the change control and appropriate action can be taken. This is a good indication that change requests are an output of this process

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