Develop Schedule Process

develop schedule

Now we are down to the final planning process of Schedule Management knowledge area. Develop Schedule is the process that many project managers consider the most important part of their jobs. And they are not wrong. After all, project schedule is the most important tool for managing the project.

develop schedule process in the pg ka mapping - Develop Schedule Process

Develop Schedule process basically brings together everything that you’ve done so far in the Schedule Management knowledge area. All the outputs of all other schedule management processes are inputs to this process.

There are several Tools and Techniques in this process with Critical Path Method (CPM) being most popular and also the most important from PMP exam perspective. While we will be dealing with these Tools and Techniques separately, for now, do note that the Project Schedule is the most important output of this process.

Milestone Chart

milestone chart in project management example - Develop Schedule Process

Then there is a Milestone Chart. It is also an output of this process. We have mentioned it here too. Just to revise, it is simply a list of all the important dates of the project (completion of phases or other major chunks of work) so that dependent stakeholders or teams can plan their work accordingly. It is also typically used to report to senior management. Note that a milestone chart is part of the project schedule itself.

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