Develop Team Process

develop team process - Develop Team Process

Developing the team is among the many skills that the Project Manager requires. By ‘develop team’, the inference is that the Project Manager will build, lead, inspire and motivate the team.

develop team process in pg ka mapping resource management knowledge area - Develop Team Process

Developing the project team should result in improvement of the people skills, technical competencies and overall team environment. Team environment should be such that it improves the teamwork which is critical factor for project success. Team members often have diverse industry experience, communicate in multiple languages and work in cultural diversity. As a Project Manager, you should create an environment that facilitates teamwork by promoting a climate of trust resulting in team members working together interdependently

Achieving High Team Performance

This should be done by employing the following behaviors,

  • Encouraging collaborative problem solving and decision making
  • Developing trust among team members
  • Employing open and effective communication
  • Creating team building opportunities
  • Managing conflicts in a constructive manner

Objectives of Develop Team

  1. Creating a dynamic, cohesive and collaborative culture within the team to,
    • Allow cross functional training and mentoring between the project team members by sharing knowledge
    • Improve productivity of team members (thus the whole team), team spirit and cooperation
  2. Empowering the team to participate in decision making and take ownership of the solutions provided
  3. Improving the knowledge and skills of team members to increase their abilities
  4. Enhancing the feelings of trust and agreement among team members

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