Difference between Inbound & Outbound Product Managers

what do product managers do - Difference between Inbound & Outbound Product Managers

In this video, Shoaib delves into the nuances of different product management roles, particularly focusing on the distinctions between product owners and product managers within product-based companies. He explains that terms like product owner, inbound product manager, and outbound product manager are often used differently across organizations. Shoaib highlights that these roles are typically found in product-based companies such as Uber, Zomato, Facebook, and Google, rather than service-based companies like Infosys or TCS.

Shoaib elaborates that inbound product managers are responsible for planning the future of the product, managing product backlogs, and working with engineering teams to achieve long-term goals. On the other hand, outbound product managers focus on customer interactions, gathering feedback, and ensuring the product meets customer needs and competitive requirements. He notes that while the product owner role is supposed to encompass both inbound and outbound responsibilities, it is more common to find specific roles for product managers in the industry. This insightful discussion helps clarify the roles and responsibilities within the product management landscape.

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