Difference between ‘Validated’ and ‘Accepted’ Deliverables

difference between validated and accepted deliverables - Difference between 'Validated' and 'Accepted' Deliverables

Validation and acceptance are two different things. Let’s directly dive into the definitions,

Validated Deliverables

A Validated Deliverable is the one that has been completed and checked for correctness during the Control Quality process (Knowledge Area – Quality Management, Process Group – Monitoring and Controlling)

Accepted Deliverables

An Accepted Deliverable is the one that has been accepted through the Validate Scope process (Knowledge Area – Scope Management, Process Group – Monitoring and Controlling)

So the bottomline is that the deliverables are first checked for correctness and meeting the acceptance criteria which can lead to two outputs viz. Validated Deliverables and Change Requests. These validated deliverables are then accepted via formal sign-off

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