How to move from Incident Management to Project Management?

get a job in project management - How to move from Incident Management to Project Management?

In this Lounge Access video, Shoaib covers how a professional performing various roles from IT Tech Support to operations can proceed to transition into project management. Seeking opportunities as a product coordinator or PMO analyst outside the present organization poses challenges like lack of project management experience. The video delves into the dilemma of pursuing roles externally, where experience is often a prerequisite.

The conversation shifts to the importance of project management certifications such as PMP and PRINCE2. However, Shoaib mentions that practical experience and skills matter more during job interviews. The lack of hands-on project management experience becomes evident when a job aspirant struggles to answer questions about daily tasks and real-life scenarios.

Shoaib focuses on how theoretical knowledge alone is insufficient, emphasizing the need for practical exposure to project management. Shoaib suggests two strategies: seeking internal opportunities within the current organization or identifying and addressing inefficiencies through micro-projects. The latter involves proposing improvements to existing processes, executing them, and showcasing these initiatives on the resume to demonstrate genuine interest and initiative in project management.

In conclusion, the video underscores the challenges faced by individuals transitioning into project management without prior experience, emphasizing the importance of gaining practical exposure through internal initiatives.

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