Manage Communications Process

manage communications process - Manage Communications Process

Manage Communications is the second process in the Communications Management knowledge area

manage communications process in communications management pg ka mapping - Manage Communications Process

Are you wondering how do we manage communications? Let’s go back to our understanding of the processes in the Executing Process Group. These processes are about doing the actual project work.

Similarly, manage communications is all about ensuring that the right project information reaches the right people at the right time and a little more. The process deals with ensuring collection, creating, distribution, storage, retrieval, management, monitoring and ultimately disposing the project information.

Beyond the distribution of information, the process also seeks to provide opportunities to the stakeholders to make requests for further information, clarification and discussion. It is in this process where all aspects of effective communication including choice of communication technologies, methods and techniques are identified.

It should be obvious by now that this process is performed throughout the project.

Project Communications

If you are wondering what is the output of this process, it is the actual project communications. This may include artifacts like deliverable status, schedule progress, presentations, performance reports and all other information required by the project stakeholders.

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