Plan Communications Management Process

plan communications management - Plan Communications Management Process

Plan Communications Management is the first process in the Communications Management knowledge area. It is part of the Planning Process Group

plan communications management process in communications management knowledge area pg ka - Plan Communications Management Process

Just like all the other first processes in the planning process group, Plan Communications Management is also about developing a plan but this one is obviously about project communication. As part of this process, a plan for communication activities based on the information needs of project stakeholders is created. While creating this plan, organizational assets and needs of the project are also taken into consideration

This process documents the approach to engage with the stakeholders ensuring relevant information is made available in a timely manner. This process is performed periodically throughout project as needed.

Communications Management Plan

Typically, the communications management plan is developed early on in the project life cycle. It is reviewed periodically and also modified based on the changing communication needs of the project stakeholders.

The Communications Management Plan documents how project communications will be planned, executed and monitored. The plan may contain templates for minutes of status meetings and team meetings as well as general notifications. Other information contained in the plan includes,

  • Communication requirements of the stakeholders
    • type of information
    • language
    • format
    • level of detail
    • distribution frequency
    • methods or technologies to be used
  • Escalation process
  • Team resource responsible for communicating information
  • Time and budget allocated for communication
  • Process of updating the communications management plan
  • Glossary of Common Terminology
  • Flow charts detailing the flow of project information
  • Organizational Policies

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