Manage Team Process

manage team pmp process - Manage Team Process

Manage Team is the last of the Executive process group processes in the Resource Management knowledge area

manage team process in pg ka mapping resource management knowledge area - Manage Team Process

Managing the team requires everything in the management book like tracking the performance of the team members, providing feedback whenever necessary, resolving issues and managing team changes.

As a project manager, all this requires you to be able to influence the team behavior. Influencing involves a combination of skills like communication, conflict management, negotiation and leadership.

One of the major blunders you can commit is being a ‘vanilla’ manager whereby you use the same leadership style to address all your team members. You have to sensitive to both the willingness as well as the abilities of the different team members and adjust the leadership styles accordingly. An example could be how team members with low-skill abilities require more intensive oversight as compared to those with higher capabilities and experience.

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