Team Performance Assessments

team performance assessments - Team Performance Assessments

Performance Assessments is the most important output of the Develop Team process

develop team process in pg ka mapping resource management knowledge area - Team Performance Assessments

There are certain tools used in the Develop Team process that help come up with the performance assessments. Some of these are attitudinal surveys, structured interviews, ability tests and even focus groups. These help provide Project Manager the understanding, commitment and communication required among team members.

Parameters of Evaluating Team Effectiveness

  • Reduced staff turnover rate
  • Improvements in competencies that help team members perform better as a team
  • Improvements in skills that allow individuals to perform assignments more effectively
  • Increased team cohesiveness

When the team is evaluated on these parameters, improvement opportunities with the help of coaching, mentoring, training can be identified. Team performance assessments should also account for the resources necessary to implement these improvements.

Recognition and Rewards

Now that we have identified the improvement areas, it is equally important to recognize and reward the existing desirable behavior. Recognition and Rewards are one of the tools and techniques of the Develop Team process. They are effective only if they satisfy a need of the individual being rewarded. It is a known fact that people are motivated when they feel they are valued and recognized.

Monetary rewards are tangible but there are intangible rewards too that can be effective. These include opportunities to grow, be appreciated, apply professional and personal skills to meet new challenges

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