Methods of Communication

methods of communication - Methods of Communication

Now that you understand the model of communication, the next in the list is the methods of communication and there are three of them.

1. Push Communication

Push Communication is basically sent to specific stakeholders on need to know basis. A big downside to this is that there is no guarantee that the information is understood as intended. Examples include emails, memos, faxes, press releases, letters etc

2. Pull Communication

Pull Communication is the best option available when the information needs to be transmitted in large volume and must be accessible for large number of participants. The content however can only be accessed at the discretion of the stakeholders and is thus not a guarantee that the message has been conveyed. Examples include intranet, libraries or e-learning

3. Interactive Communication

Unlike the two above, this is the most efficient way to make sure all parties involved share the same understanding of communication. Examples include meetings, conferences, phone calls etc

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