Types of Communication

types of communication - Types of Communication

In certain texts, this topic will be known as Communication Methods (not to be confused with the Methods of Communication that we have already discussed). This is also a fairly simple topic but a very important one as far the PMP exam is concerned.

Now there are several ways to get your message across. The four ways or types of communication that you need to study are,

1. Formal Written

Examples include project charter, project management plans, legal documents, contracts

2. Informal Written

Examples include emails, memo, stickynotes

3. Formal Verbal

Examples include presentations, prepared speeches

4. Informal Verbal

Examples include meetings, phone calls, conversations, planning sessions

A simple rule of thumb here could be that anything that has to do with contract, client, sponsor will most likely fall under formal communication. Note that meetings are always informal verbal even if you are discussing something very important.

Let’s look at some examples,

  1. You prepare a RFP (Request for Proposals) for vendors to determine which one of them would get a chance to contract a new project with your organization – Formal Written
  2. You call up your supplier to check if they are on track to ship the items you’ve procured – Informal Verbal
  3. You drop a voicemail to your test manager seeking the project status – Informal Verbal
  4. You start a slack channel for your project – Informal Written
  5. You start a skype group chat for your project – Informal Written
  6. You create a whatsapp group for your project – Informal Written
  7. You work with the Business Analyst to prepare the requirements spec – Formal Written
  8. You present the project milestone status to the executive management – Formal Verbal

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