Monitor Communications Process

monitor communications process - Monitor Communications Process

Monitor Communications is the last process in the Communications Management knowledge area. It falls under the Monitoring and Controlling process group. This process was known as Control Communications earlier but was renamed to Monitor Communications in PMBOK 6

monitor communications process communication management knowledge area - Monitor Communications Process

This process is similar to the other usual Monitoring and Controlling process group processes. It basically ensures that the information requirements of the project stakeholders is being met. The Communications Management Plan describes the flow of information and as part of this process, you need to ensure that it is being followed

Additionally, the monitor communications process also tracks whether or not the artifacts and communication activities had a desired effect. The desired effect could mean maintaining or even increasing the support of stakeholders for project’s deliverables and activities

flow of project information - Monitor Communications Process

There are several methods to monitor communications for example customer satisfaction surveys, collecting lessons learned, observations of the team, reviewing issue log data etc

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