Overview of Control Schedule Process

control schedule

Finally, we are down to the last process of Schedule Management knowledge area. Control Schedule process is part of the Monitoring and Controlling Process group.

control schedule process in the schedule management knowledge area - Overview of Control Schedule Process

In terms of the work you would do as a Project Manager, this process is pretty similar to other typical Monitoring and Controlling processes. You basically measure the current schedule progress against the baseline.

Another important aspect of the control schedule process is influencing. More precisely, influencing the factors that may cause a change in the project schedule.

Note that Change Management is a separate area altogether. It is best discussed in the Perform Integrated Change Control process. However, the control schedule process also includes managing schedule changes by keeping all the schedule related documents up to date.

By the way, do you remember our article on the difference between Work Performance Data (WPD) and Work Performance Information (WPI)? The control schedule process turns WPD into WPI!

So those are some of the important things to know about the Control Schedule process. Note that none of the inputs, outputs or tools and techniques used in this process are something you don’t already know.

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