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A persona is created to help the team visualize and understand an ideal user. Persona is basically a profile of this ideal user that contains personal facts and even a photo.

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When the team gives a face to this ideal user and writes information about him/her,

  • Team gets to know the ideal user better
  • Team gets to know what motivates the ideal user
  • It helps the team think through and make the right choice about how and what to develop
  • Helps make the user stories more relatable and personal
persona in agile - Persona

Sample Persona

Name: Terri Runnels

Age: 28

Occupation: Marketing Consultant

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Role: Active Social Media User

Bio: Checks her social media every 2 hours. Stays up-to-date with the happenings in the city and what her friends are posting. Is open to make new connections. Have made a few online-only friends


  • Keep up with her friends
  • Receive new friends suggestions
  • Be aware of what’s happening in and around Philadelphia
  • More ways to engage with friends


  • Poor suggestions of friends with nothing in common
  • Too many ads of local products

A good question to think through at this point in time is how exactly is a persona created? The first step is to interview or survey enough users to be able to create a profile and start thinking like them. The goals and frustrations should be common to several answers before they are entered in the profile. This exercise helps the team think about Terri’s opinion when they’re taking a decision on designing a feature.

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