Plan Schedule Management Process

plan schedule management process in pmp - Plan Schedule Management Process

Remember the Plan Scope Management process? Basically, we created a Plan to Manage the Scope. The plan described all the processes that will be used by the project team to estimate, track and report the project scope throughout.

Replace ‘scope’ from the definition above with ‘schedule’ and you have the Plan Schedule Management process! Infact every time you see a Plan ‘something’ Management process, its definition will more or less be the same.

Plan Schedule Management is the first process in the Schedule Management knowledge area and its falls under the Planning process group.

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While you can refer to your book (Confused which book to buy? Visit PMP Preparation Resources) for the ITTOs of this process, it is important to take note of a Tool and Technique by the name of ‘Analytical Techniques’

Analytical Techniques

Analytical Techniques is nothing but how you figure out what methods you will use to estimate, schedule and take corrective actions as the project progresses. It is one of the most important tools when it comes to Plan Schedule Management process as it significantly helps in putting together the Schedule Management Plan. All that being said, don’t forget that it is just a fancy term for analysis

Schedule Management Plan

The only output of this process is the schedule management plan. It describes how the project team will estimate, track and report the project schedule. An important thing to note here is that we do not estimate the schedule in this process, we only put together a plan of HOW we will estimate the schedule. It’s the same with tracking and reporting as well

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