Plan Scope Management Process

plan scope management - Plan Scope Management Process

Plan Scope Management is the first process in the Scope Management Knowledge Area that falls under the Planning Process Group.

plan scope management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas mapping PMP - Plan Scope Management Process

At the outset, this process defines how the project scope would be

– Defined
– Validated
– Controlled

In simpler terms, Plan Scope Management process specifies the approach that the project team will take to define what will be in the project scope and what will be out of it.

There are two outputs of this process,

1. Scope Management Plan
2. Requirements Management Plan

Scope Management Plan

Scope Management Plan keeps the project team on track by detailing the processes that the team will follow while the scope is being documented, WBS is being created and also help with validating and controlling the scope during the course of the project

It should be noted that in addition to laying the ground rules for writing the scope document, the Scope Management Plan also details the processes the project team will use to come up with the WBS. 

Requirements Management Plan

Requirements Management Plan describes the processes that the project team will use to collect and document the project requirements and maintain that document throughout the course of the project

It basically defines the approach that the project team will take to planning, reporting and keeping track of the project requirements. This document is also used to describe the prioritization process for requirements and how the Requirements Traceability Matrix will be built

All in all, the plan scope management process helps the project team to think through everything they would need to do to keep the project focused on the right work from beginning to end

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