Project Selection – Murder Board

murder board

‘Murder Board’ might not really sound like a Project Selection Process but then again it is meant to be more of a Project ‘Rejection’ Process.

The Murder board is basically a committee that plays the ‘devil’s advocate’ and asks questions majorly seeking the justification for approving the project. This board usually comprises of senior managers, subject matter experts and could even include the project sponsor. Meanwhile, the Project Manager might be asked to make the presentation and defend the project and counter all the queries of the board members

The main focus here is to find reasons why the project should NOT be selected. However, the caution here is to ensure that the members of the board should highly knowledgeable in the respective domain and a project should not be ‘murdered’ just for the sake of being a candidate of the murder board.

The presenters should also take any constructive criticism very positively for this whole process to effectively work.

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