PMP Experience – Venkata Subbareddy Kunam

pmp experience Venkata Subbareddy Kunam - PMP Experience - Venkata Subbareddy Kunam
pmp experience Venkata Subbareddy Kunam 1024x576 - PMP Experience - Venkata Subbareddy Kunam

In this article, we are featuring the PMP experience of one of our PMC Lounge community members – Venkata Subbareddy Kunam

This is Venkata Subbareddy Kunam and came from a mechanical engineering background & working in the #aero gas turbine engines design domain.

I am happy to share the good news is that “I passed my PMP certification on 29-Feb-2020”. This is one of the happiest days of my life.

I would like to give credit to #PMC lounge as it helped me a lot to understand PMP concepts as well as a good motivation.

I would like to share my PMP certification journey with you..I Hope it will be helpful for future PMP aspirants…

Initially, in the month of Feb -2019, I was decided to do PMP and taken subscription by paying 250$ (Self-learning PMP online videos)..but did not scheduled an exam. My intention was to understand the basics of the PMP course before the scheduled exam ….But like many others, I was also not prepared in a consistent manner.. no seriousness..etc. So after 9 months realized that It won’t work out without proper planning and seriousness.

So again in the last week of Nov-2019, I decided and immediately took the PMI subscription and scheduled exam. So total available time is 3 months and planned daily preparation ~2 hours on weekdays and ~4 hours on weekends.

I used resources for my preparation is 1) #PMC Lounge Videos 2) PMBOK 6th edition 3) Mock exams (

So I followed in a way that first followed #PMC lounge videos each KA wise and immediately studied PMBOK each KA wise ….so it helped a lot to understand concepts very clear…

After I tried mock exams at the end of Jan (By this time I was completed reading PMBOK onetime) and observed that a lot of difficulty about concentrating 4 hours without distraction and the score was ~65%.

So again I have gone through completely PMBOK and Videos the second time.  In the week before my PMP exam, I tried the mock exam (Oliver Lehmann’s 200 Questions) and got ~72%..

Finally, on the day of my exam, I was so confident and attempted the exam…But the most difficult thing I experienced was “Time”..I could not able to answer last 6 Questions and even last 20 questions not able to read due to insufficient time.

But finally happiest moment came on to the screen is “PASS”.

Based on my PMP journey, below is summary…suggestions…

1)      First schedule the exam (Then concentration/seriousness will be there)

2)      Prepare the study plan…(At least 2 hrs. in weekdays and 4Hrs in weekends)..Be consistent while preparing

3)      Follow each KA – #PMC Lounge videos and PMBOK

4)      Attempt mock exams at least 3 (Same time when the actual exam scheduled). At least 4 weeks that we can review and identify which areas need to concentrate more

5)      Time management from 1st question onwards

6)      Avoid office (If possible) day before the exam. And be confident

By the way.. could you please complete videos for Procurement and stakeholders mgmt. KA…I followed Rita Mulcahy book for these two KA’s.

So…Thank you so much..#PMC Lounge,, & (47 Pairs of Easily Confused Terms)

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