Salience Model

salience model - Salience Model

Salience Model is one way of identifying and analyzing the requirements of the stakeholders. Unlike the Power/Interest Grid, the Salience Model uses three parameters to categorize stakeholders. These parameters are,

1. Power

The stakeholder’s ability to influence the outcome of a deliverable or the project

2. Legitimacy

The stakeholder’s authority or the level of involvement in the project

3. Urgency

The stakeholder’s expectation of the response time. Basically, how immediate do you need to act to cater to the stakeholder’s demands?

Graphically, the salience model is represented through a Venn diagram. Each intersection helps you identify stakeholders that have multiple needs.

image 2 - Salience Model

Each color or region represents a certain category,

Red (only Power) – Dormant
Turquoise (only Legitimacy) – Discretionary
Yellow (only Urgency) – Demanding
Grey – Dominant
Blue – Dangerous
Green – Dependent
Indigo – Definitive

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