Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

monitor stakeholder engagement - Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

The Monitor Stakeholder Engagement process is the only process under the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group. Also, if you have studied all the other processes before this one, congratulations because this is the last process in your PMP courseware. The PG-KA mapping below,

monitor stakeholder engagement process in stakeholder management knowledge area pg ka mapping - Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

This process is all about monitoring project stakeholder relationships and tailoring your strategies to engage stakeholders. This process maintains or increases the effectiveness of stakeholder engagement activities as the project progresses.

Basically, at this point you know exactly what your stakeholders’ requirements are so all you need to do is monitor how close or far your project is from meeting them. You can obviously make course corrections and changes to keep as many of your stakeholders satisfied as possible.

None of the inputs, tools and techniques and outputs are going to surprise you here. Also, if it isn’t evident yet, this process is performed throughout the project.

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