Selected Sellers and Agreements

selected sellers and agreements - Selected Sellers and Agreements

We have studied the Conduct Procurements process. We have also seen the specific Tools and Techniques of this process, now its time to look into the outputs. There are actually two that need most of your attention,

1. Selected Sellers

This basically means you have selected the sellers that you are going to contract out the job to. The actual work happens in execution process group processes. Similarly in this process too we are doing the actual work of conducting procurements, a major part of that is to select the sellers for the job

2. Agreements

When we discussed the different Types of Contract, we talked about how the Contract is also known as an Agreement, Undertaking or Purchase Order. So agreements or contracts are definitely an output of Conduct Procurements process since you have selected the sellers you want to award the work to. Once all relevant stakeholders sign the contract you are pretty much done with this process

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