Be a Diligent, Respectful and Caring Steward – Project Management Principle 1

stewardship - Be a Diligent, Respectful and Caring Steward - Project Management Principle 1

Project Management Principle 1 states,

Be a diligent, respectful and caring steward

Stewards act responsibly to carry out activities with integrity, care and trustworthiness, all this while maintaining compliance with internal and external guidelines. They demonstrate a broad commitment to financial, social & environmental impacts of the projects.

Stewardship responsibilities exist within as well as outside the organization.

Within the organization,

  • Operating in alignment with the organization’s objectives, strategy, mission, vision & sustainment of long term value
  • Respectful engagement of project team members (may include their compensation, opportunities, fair treatment)
  • Diligent oversight of organizational finances, materials and other resources
  • Understanding the appropriate usage of authority, accountability and responsibility

Outside the organization,

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Organization’s use of materials and natural resources
  • Organization’s relationship with external stakeholders like partners, vendors and others
  • Project’s (and organization’s) impact on market, social community, operating regions

Stewards also adhere to both implicit and explicit duties that include,

  1. Integrity – Stewards behave honestly and ethically
  2. Care – Stewards are fiduciaries of the organizational matters in their charge
  3. Trustworthiness – Stewards represent themselves as well as their roles, their authority and their project team accurately both inside and outside the organization
  4. Compliance – Stewards comply with laws, rules, regulations and requirements within or outside the organization

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