Tools and Techniques of Control Procurements

tools and techniques of control procurements process - Tools and Techniques of Control Procurements

We have already discussed the Control Procurements process and we can now look into some of its Tools and Techniques. But before that, below is the PG-KA mapping for your reference,

control procurements process in monitoring and controlling process group 1 - Tools and Techniques of Control Procurements

Payment System

When B2B procurements are involved, you are dealing with a large sum of money. Since organizations tend to procure for multiple projects from multiple vendors and have their own payment terms, it is best to have a payment system in place. The payment system is usually established by your Accounts department. This is how all project payments are managed

Records Management System

It is obvious that there are several artifacts that are generated in the procurement process like invoices, receipts, memos, emails, instructions, clarifications etc. A Records Management System is thus a must. There is a possibility of having a robust system in place that takes care of both Payments as well as Records Management with different levels of access for users

Claims Administration

A claim is basically a dispute between the buyer and the seller. Usually a contract has certain verbiage to explain how claims should be resolved. And as we have already seen, contracts are legally binding so the buyer and the seller typically follow the contract to settle the claims. Negotiation is the preferred method to settle all claims

Performance Reviews

Just like the settlement of claims, the contract also includes how the seller is expected to get the job done. The project manager can measure the seller’s performance via agreed upon timelines and milestones as well as the agreed upon quality criteria and procurement scope

Contract Change Management System

You would have not read about Contract Change Management System while studying change management because change management at a project level looks pretty different from change management at a contract level. Contract Change Management System is about procedures set up to handle changes in the contract. This also means that if you have multiple contracts you may have separate individual contract change management systems for them

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  1. it is mentioned that control processes may lead to a change request and this may affect the cost or schedule baseline, however, it is a baseline that was planned based on many factors such as the project budget and agreements signed by the sponsor at the initiation of the project, therefore in real life, it is not easily acceptable by the sponsor to approve a change at the project schedule baseline or cost baseline through the execution of the project. my question if I am I right is, can we issue a change request that makes changes on the project baselines through the execution of the project depending on the performance information through the project control techniques? example to extend the schedule baseline because the performance was not as planned

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