Control Procurements Process

control procurements - Control Procurements Process

The third and the final process in Procurement Management knowledge area comes under the Monitoring and Controlling process group. It is called Control Procurements. Below is the PG-KA mapping,

control procurements process in monitoring and controlling process group 1 - Control Procurements Process

Once the project planning is done and the work is underway, can you relax and let things evolve on their own? Ofcourse not. Its the same with procurement. So you create the plan and then conduct procurement but cannot let things work out on their own. Control Procurements is what comes next

Since it falls in the Monitoring and Controlling process group, this is the process where you would monitor the performance of the seller against the contract, make modifications and corrections as needed and also maintain the contractual relationship

In simpler terms, this is the process where you stay on top of how the work that was contracted out to the seller is being taken care of. Note that while in a projectized environment everyone reports to you, the team from seller side will not. So it may add another level of complexity and that’s why two important inputs in this process comes from the seller,

  1. Work Performance Data
  2. Work Performance Reports

If you’ve read about Work Performance Data and Reports earlier, you already know that one of the outputs is going to be Work Performance Information. There is nothing out of ordinary as far as the other inputs and outputs of this process are concerned

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