Top 5 tips for the PMP Exam Day

top 5 tips for pmp exam day - Top 5 tips for the PMP Exam Day

While we have covered the topic of tips for your PMP exam in many other articles, this one deals specifically with tips to follow on your exam day. Below are the top 5 tips for the day of the PMP exam,

1. By now you would have already learnt ALL the formulas! There is no alternative to it. Jot them down on your brain dump especially the Earned Value and PERT.

2. By now you would have already practiced the technique of eliminating the completely implausible options first. Don’t forget to use an educated guess to select the most appropriate option

3. There are no negative marks for incorrect answers. ANSWER EVERY SINGLE QUESTION!

4. You need to answer 200 questions in 240 minutes (4 hours) which gives you about 72 seconds for each question. Do not invest more than that on a question, mark the most appropriate answer and move on. Come back to the question later if you have time

5. Whenever there is a conflict between PMBOK concept and real life Project Management experience, PMBOK wins! Your answer needs to be in alignmnet with the PMBOK concept

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