Top 5 websites to earn free PDUs (webinars/podcasts)

top 5 websites to earn free pdu - Top 5 websites to earn free PDUs (webinars/podcasts)

In the previous articles, we have seen the different ways of earning PDUs and how to report them to PMI. In this article, we go over the top 5 websites that offer free PDU’s through webinars and podcasts. Below are the links and please go through the video at the bottom for further details,

1. IAG Consulting (

2. Project (

3. PM Podcast (

4. Corporate Education Group (

5. Twenty Eighty Strategy Execution (

6 Comments on “Top 5 websites to earn free PDUs (webinars/podcasts)”

  1. i’m sorry but how will i be able to claim the PDU, for example doesn’t have any info about my PMI profile? what happens after watching the webinar?

    1. You can go in to ccrs and enter details of the course you have completed in IAG

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