Virtual Teams – Tools and Techniques of Acquire Resources

virtual teams - Virtual Teams - Tools and Techniques of Acquire Resources

All thanks to technology, virtual teams is a reality today. This creates new possibilities aiding the acquire resources process

acquire resources process in pg ka mapping resource management knowledge area - Virtual Teams - Tools and Techniques of Acquire Resources

By definition, virtual teams are basically groups of people with a shared goal. These people fulfill their roles with little or no time spent meeting face to face. Communication technology such as email, audio conferencing, social media, video conferencing etc has made virtual teams feasible.

Virtual teams have made it possible to,

  • Form teams of people that work different shifts or from home offices
  • Include SMEs or people with special expertise even when they are not in the same geographic area
  • Move forward with projects that would have otherwise held or canceled due to travel expenses
  • Include people with disabilities/special abilities or mobility limitations
  • Save organizational expenses of office facilities and physical equipments

Some of the challenges that the virtual teams bring along are,

  • Sorting out the timezone difference
  • Following project’s ground rules for communication
  • Conflict resolution protocols
  • Inclusive decision making
  • Understanding cultural differences

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